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SMARTfence® is a heavy-duty, high-tensile/high-modulus, woven geotextile sediment fence. Designed using a value engineering approach, it is equivalent in strength and stiffness to that of wire or chain-link backed silt fence for less money, significantly lower carbon emissions and less material waste.

The woven geotextile fence is specifically designed and fabricated to withstand high-tensile stresses and to prevent excessive material elongation and strain. It is built to resist fence deflection and ultimate failure due to ripping, sagging, or overturning from forces associated with excessive backwater depths, debris flows and overtopping.

Smart Fence

  • SMARTfence®  is a 100% American made product available in two sizes.
  • SMARTfence 42" is NTPEP Compliant | GTX-2018-01-187
  • SMARTfence 36" is NTPEP Compliant | GTX-2018-01-188 

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