The Regular Flow Silt Sack is a sediment control device designed for drop inlet filters.  The Silt Sack is made of a permeable geotextile that allows water to pass but prevents silt and sediment from clogging the drain system.  Silt Sack can be used as a primary or secondary sediment control device and must be maintained on a regular basis to function properly.  Optional overflow holes are offered to make the Silt Sack effective even in the most extreme weather events.  Although it's considered a temporary solution, this cost-effective product can be emptied and reused throughout the duration of a project.

Silt Sack Type A - High Visibility

Overflow Holes
  • Manufactured with a woven polypropylene geotextile and sewn by a double needle machine using high strength nylon
  • Color: High visibility yellow
  • Should be cleaned and inspected regularly and after every major weather event
  • 3' depth
  • Reusable
  • Two dump straps attached at the bottom to facilitate the emptying of Siltsack
  • Lifting loops to lift from the basin
  • Restraint cord keeps sides away from catch basin walls and serves as visual indicator to empty the Siltsack®

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