Product Information


The GutterEEL is a highly effective curb inlet sediment control filter used to remove suspended soils, trash and debris from stormwater runoff. GutterEEL is manufactured with a high flow/ high strength outer filter sleeve encasing 100% shredded tire filter media. The GutterEEL is designed with a built in overflow wire to prevent ponding during heavy storm events. The weight of the unit holds it firmly in place close to the curb face and it’s durability allows the unit to be cleaned and reused from job to job.

Gutter Eel ( 1 pallet )

  • Synthetic filter manufactured from recycled shredded tire
  • 9" in diameter
  • Color: Black
  • Built in overflow weir in center of unit
  • Should be a minimum of 1' longer than curb opening on either side
  • Reusable
  • Should be inspected and cleaned regularly and after every major weather event

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