Dirtbag® High-Quality Dewatering Bags

These high-quality dewatering/filter bags feature heavy-duty geotextiles that are made out of polypropylene fabric. Their non-woven geotextile construction makes them especially effective and durable as the materials are resistant to UV damage and made from high-strength thread. Thanks to their versatile design, they can be used to accommodate many different dewatering methods to ensure optimal results.

Each standard Dirtbag® has a fill spout large enough to accommodate a 4” discharge hose. Straps are attached to secure the hose and prevent pumped water from escaping without being filtered. To increase the efficiency of filtration, place the bag on an aggregate or haybale bed to maximize water flow through the surface area of the bag. Dirtbag® is full when it no longer can efficiently filter sediment or pass water at a reasonable rate.

Dirtbag® High-Quality Dewatering Bag



  • Manufactured using polypropylene non-woven geotextile sewn in with a double needle matching using high strength thread
  • Stabilized to provide resistance to UV degradation
  • Color: Black
  • Designed with fill spout to accomodate up to a 6" discharge hose
  • WARNING: Must be monitored during use

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