• Ericka

About me​

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Hello! My name is Ericka, I’m a wife and mom of two boys, and I want to invite you to read my blog. I write about interesting topics that I've seen come up in the Environmental-Construction field. A little bit of information about myself, I aim to keep the environment safe, and with a background in healthcare, I decided to share everything I’ve learned in these fields and associate them together. Yes, I know, it's quite an odd pair that of construction and healthcare. My goal is to share tips I’ve learned while working for a construction company, and ACE Earthworks Supply has given me a perfect platform to do just this. I hope you truly enjoy it, and I welcome everyone's comments. I look forward to interacting with everyone who can share their expertise in the environmental-construction field; it’s gratifying to learn something new every day!


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