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How to manage a Spill?

Accidents happen all the time. It’s unexpected, it can happen anywhere: ocean, roads, and hospitals. When it happens, it’s critical to know how to manage it, how to avoid the spill from expanding, and how to protect the environment and more importantly, everyone involved or in the vicinity to the spill.

Spill containment is a measure to avoid liquids or chemicals being absorbed in a surface, with the primary goal to protect the environment. There is; also, secondary spill containment which deals with oils and hazardous substances. The prevention of, preparedness for and the management of oils and dangerous substances are possible with spill containment products that range from Basic Absorbent pillows, tubes, & mats, Pop up pools to Spill berms.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC), OSHA’s Process Safety Management Standard, and EPA’s Risk Management Plan all have established procedures, methods and equipment requirements for implementing spill containment. The goal of these regulations is to prevent dangerous substances, specifically oil, from reaching navigable waters and adding shorelines.

For example, in early January of this year, due to a tractor-trailer crash at 3 am in Henrico County, Virginia there was a fuel spill. This caused multiple lanes to be closed, and luckily there was no report of any injuries. Nevertheless, the race was on, this spill needed to be contained as quickly as possible, especially since it was going to affect many morning commutes and possibly create a bit of chaos as time passed. Who was called, the Hazmat team from Henrico Fire Department, this outstanding team cleaned up the fuel spill swiftly, and lanes reopened. This is an example of how unexpectedly a spill can occur.

According to the EPA, any person or organization responsible for a release or spill, including oil spills or hazardous substances OR a person who discovers a spill are encouraged to contact the federal government. In case of a spill, please call the federal government specifically the National Response Center (NRC) at 1-800-424-8802 or visit www.epa.gov for more information.

It’s always good to stay informed and know options for when something like this happens. Remember spills are incredibly harmful to the environment when released. At ACE, we offer multiple spill containment products that can vary from size and use. What are these products? Learn about these products that can efficiently clean up spills here on the website in the Products section. Let’s keep everyone, and the environment safe!

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